Updates! Siwon & Milano


Intanto non credo sia stato proprio a Milano.
Era sulle montagne intorno per le riprese di un film sul ciclismo (To the fore, del regista Dante Lam, che però ignorantemente non conosco)…

Ad ogni modo per questo non si è visto molto in giro per la città se non, credo, oggi in zona Piazza Duomo e galleria (come i TVXQ…). Quindi niente fashion week (che inizia proprio il 17).
La domanda che più mi faccio resta però: quanto è alto (più di me di sicuro)? E’ bello anche dal vivo?
Perché non sono specificatamente sua fan, ma mi sembra pur sempre un bel ragazzo. Com’è dal vivo?

Ma soprattutto voglio ringraziare tutte le ragazze che hanno fatto foto e video in questi giorni, con un ringraziamento speciale a quella ragazza che gli ha urlato “Bello di mamma! Sei bello! Yeppo 예뻐!” Una grande.
Ho riso moltissimo.

Io non so se lui ha compreso le urla, ma credo l’avrebbe fatto ridere. Insomma… è così ridicolamente italiano e giusto nella situazione. Ma anche fuori luogo e inaspettato. Fantastico.
Sì, questo è un post in ode al “Bello di mamma!” o meglio “Bello DE mamma!”. Mi è rimasto nel cuore.


So Siwon came to Italy for the shooting of the movie “To the fore”. He announced his arrival the day before leaving Korea, saying he was coming to Milan, but in the end he spent most of his time outside the city: in the mountais. Not bad. He liked the scenary, and actually who wouldn’t. Mountains are always impressing. Or so I think at least.
He tasted the bombardino wich is an italian drink I never heard of (so much yet to know in the world and in one’s own country!) and apparently loved it (see his tweet). And today he had a stroll around the city center.

He was greeted by a group of fans at the airport at his arrival, I guess some will go and wish him a safe trip back home later… nothing much to say.
Apart that there might not have been a lot of fans out there, but there were quite a few, and pretty awesome too!
Yes they screamed (a little) yes they took some videos and pictures, but it didn’t seem to get out of hand AT ALL. I wasn’t there so I’m basing my assumption of what I saw in the videos and reading the various ELFs community boards, I could be very wrong. But I hope not. Most people was encouraging and endorsing a safe and respectful behaviour.

Among the various videos you can find on YT I want to point out a 3 minutes something video where near the end there is people talking and some screaming. Well there is people talking in spanish throughout the whole video unless I’m mistaken, but there is also some Italian girl screming to him at the end something that I roughly translate as “Son you are so beautiful!” (“Bello di mamma” litterally “Beautiful mommy’s boy” but not in the sense of mommy’s boy, just son).
That scream made me crack. Because Italy is famous for expressions such as the all time favourite “Mamma mia”, but “Bello/a di mamma” is another very common one here, used in a variety of contexts both ironic and serious. And when is not menacing (eg. Bello di mamma you have to pay before you leave!) it’s quite endearing. Here it sounded somewhat endearing therefore the laughs. Basically I think the reaction was “Girl, you’re younger than him and call him son?” Or maybe she was/is older. Still, her voice didn’t sound that of an ahjumma. The beauty of fangirls all over the world.

So in case anyone is reading this, I’m just writing to share my thoughts about Italian ELFs and kpop fans to Siwon’s visit and some funny facts.
Ah, and he took a bag of fans’ gift, there is picture evidence!




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